Sakura Sakura Encore / 被災ピアノ復活コンサート

Damaged Bösendorfer Revival Concert - Japan Ganbarou
Piano jazz cafe in Miyako, Iwate Prefecture of victims in the earthquake tsunami East, was revived after the restoration work at the music store in Takasaki. Two days before homecoming concert revival was held at City Welfare Center, and Mr. Shigeki Horiuchi, owner, 230 people watched Takasaki citizens, and change the sound rang before the earthquake
The concert was played by Mr. Hideaki Koga cooperation and pianist who lives in Takasaki, Mayumi Sawada. Mr. Sawada, the music of Schubert and Chopin, Mr. Koga will improvise original music and "Desert Moon" showed a jazz arrangements. Mr. Horiuchi clog voice while wearing a water recall the piano, "but I thought it sounds bad back again, nice of you to open up the concert. Gunma everyone, please come to us Iwate shop" and said. The damaged piano, Bösendorfer was produced in Vienna in 1939. No damage to key parts immersed in water. Horiuchi's house was also destroyed. To encourage him to undertake the repairs for free piano technician Gunma Plaza purchase and resurrected.
Mr. Horiuchi has left the city of Miyako, Morioka resume at the store. The piano returns to Iwate on June 5, which is scheduled to live in the local reconstruction. ( From Jomo-Newspaper, August 3,2011)


 堀内さんは宮古市を離れ、盛岡市で店を再開。ピアノは5日に岩手へ戻り、地元での復興ライブが予定されている。   (2011年8月3日 上毛新聞ニュースより引用)