Moment`s Notice を Casiope 風にアレンジしてみると

「どうでしょこんなアレンジ」といって私がFunk bandの練習に持って来たのはJohn Coltaneの " Moment`s Notice".
私がbassに要求したのは「Casiopea もどきのアレンジにして欲しい」

"Moment's Notice" is a "classic"jazz standard composed by John Coltrane. The song was featured on Coltrane's noted 1957 recording Blue Train . "Moment's Notice" foreshadowed Coltrane's later style, containing "unusual and quick-moving harmonic twists", according to Martin and Waters. from Wikipesia
Here, also boldly, this music was arranged in the style of Fusion Group "Casipea".
It is too pleasant. Although it is too difficult

.June 15 2013 Jazz House Augusta, Maebashi, Gunma
Augusta Jazz Funk Band Monthly live #121
Toshiaki Koike (Ts)、Hideaki Kohga (key)、Masayuki Doki (b)、Yuuko Doki (d)