Improの聖地にて, Sangam Piano Solo Improvisation

This is a solo piano improvisation played in the program of my live piano trio.
Sangam , a live house  is supposed to be a power spot of improvisation. ( http://sangam.moo.jp/top.htm )
Image of this performance is like a crow dark night, not so good. I blame the camera borrowed from my wife.I've uploaded tone of the performance was so good.
There was a strange feeling that music gives rise naturally from the body.
Mr. Ogawa, drummer has lost the opportunity to escape.

Date : January 20, 2011, at Takasaki Sangam
Piano : Hideaki Kohga
Roland Degital Audio Recorder R-09: voice
Video mode Fujifilm Finpix F300: video
Synthesized in AppleiMovie HD 6.0.4: edit

For me, that there are people who are interested in playing on the other side of the world like this is that I am very happy
Comments such as the following have been received.
Absolutely beautiful!!! Very inspiring, and thanks for sharing with us on U Tube. It is most appreciated!!!
Wow, beautiful playing once again man. I was wondering, are you classically trained?
Keith Jarrett is the man

Andreas Klemmstein 
Keyboardist in Lutherstadt Eisleben, Germany

Ben Christa That's something special! Thank you for the music! Great!
Drummer in Saskatoon, Canada

Sam Small Very nice sounds, Hideaki. Beautiful melodies coming out.
Songwriter in London, United Kingdom

Chris de Vries 
Guitarist in Seattle, Washington


2011年1月20日 高崎Sangamにて
ピアノ Hideaki Kohga
音声 : Roland Degital Audio Recorder R-09
映像 : Fujifilm Finpix F300 動画モード
編集 : Apple社製 iMovie HD 6.0.4 で合成

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