Dolphin Dance ( Herbie Hancock ) : Jazz Piano Duo with Bösendorfer vs Bechstein

Dolphin danece
 Historical album of Herbie Hancock released in 1965  The fifth song of " Maden Voyage ".
This album is the album which made the" sea" which starts with" maiden voyage" a concept.

Bösendorfer vs Bechstein
 Played one is a classic meeting. It was said that they could use two pianos, and it was played by two full full concert gland pianos  with Bösendorfer vs Bechstein
 A preliminary meeting was 2 hours for once. I don't hope that you practice that time's impression too much. I meet by the policy against which an idea is bumped by site processing at the moment.
 The idea which makes a mutual image conflict is made important. Rhythm is changed. A fact gives priority. By all means continuation of the moment performance. The intention separation put together using the energy. The result collides and is a very rough performance of rolling. Oh, we'll assume that that is also good. Rhythm of a foot and a block signature of the way seem to have been fresh for a classic person. It was fascinating by various idea filling.

reflection point  
1) a chord of middle-pitch range conflicts.
2) the tempo is kept finally, but a point is TSUKKOMI a touch and the location I'm chasing from the back fairly for Toru. The cause of the difference in chords
3) it's also important not to make a sound.  It's buried badly by sound.

(The 20th time  Joshu concert  Maebashi dream studio)

■Dolphin danece
1965年にリリースされた Herbie Hancockの歴史的アルバム " Maden Voyage "の第五曲。
このアルバムは  "処女航海 " に始まる"海"をコンセプトとしたアルバムである。
 演奏したのはクラシックの会。二台ピアノが使えるということで ベーゼンドルファーとベヒシュタインのフルコン二台で演奏してみました。
 その結果は 衝突しまくりのとても荒っぽい演奏になっています。まあそれも良しとしましょう。足のリズムと途中のブロックサインがクラシックの人には新鮮だったようです。ただ、色々なアイデア満載で面白かった。
1) 中音域の和音が衝突
2) 最終的にテンポは保たれていますが、徹君はポイントがツッコミ気味、私はかなり後ろのほうから追いかけている位置となっています。和音のズレの原因
3) 音を出さないことも大切.....  音で埋め尽くされすぎ。

(第20回 上州音楽会 前橋夢スタジオ)

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