私はYouTuber? (2016年の動画投稿のまとめ)

 ”YouTuber”とは Youtubeクリエイターは、主にYouTube上で独自に制作した動画を継続的に公開する人物や集団を指す名称。
 狭義では「YouTubeの動画再生によって得られる広告収入を主な収入源として生活する」人物を指す。英語圏ではYouTuber」以外に、「YouTube Personality」「YouTube Star」「YouTube Celebrity」などの表記も使われる。2011年4月にパートナー・プログラムが一般ユーザーに開放され、広告収入を得られるようにになった。
 YouTuber ( Jan.5,2006, 1:05 UTC) in Wikipedia ; The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved from https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/YouTuber   → Wikipediaの正式な引用文形式で


 以下は広告プランナーの本多忠房氏のブログからの引用である。「消費者の自己露出意識について」という意味深なタイトルであるが、私の動画が取り上げられたことがある。” PLUG 2009.12.15  現在このブログは閲覧できない)
”テレビに比べて限られた予算で結果的に限られたリーチでこれだけのものができるということ” ”そしてその要因をしっかり認識しないといけないな、と。” ”消費者の目立ちたがり屋意識が上がっているのか” ”インセンティブ設計がうまかったのか” ”はたまた別の理由か” ”いずれにせよちゃんと考えよう”

以前にも紹介しているが、私がYouTubeにはまったのは とある投稿動画のコメントに感激したことが大きい。
 Piano Solo Improvisation / Hong Solo  本庄のクエストブルースで行った8分余りの即興演奏に対するコメントにははまった。

 I'm really happy,to see,and hear someone not being afraid of improvisation.
More - he is a real musician,playing real music!
Cause YouTube is full of amateurs,and tired stars,playing mainless routine,but I can't make a point of wiew unless hurting someone's feelings...
Really hard to find such a great musician,and really sad to see,how much views he's got,while stupid rockers ruling with their's four easyest guitar chords!

登録日 2007/06/28 からの累計
累計動画投稿数 628動画 (公開動画 606  非公開22)
合計視聴回数 1,680431 回  
高評価 4657 低評価 363 コメント 942 登録者数 1265名

動画投稿数 101動画
視聴回数 199,321 高評価  1030 低評価 131 コメント 105 
新規登録者 211名


Chopin Nocturne Op9-2 , Jazz Piano Trio 

視聴回数 15,216回 高評価 126   低評価 0


Symbiosis. Ist Movement (Claus Ogerman / Bill Evans Trio ) Piano Trio, Takasaki Kuimonoya Rio 

視聴回数 940回 高評価 11 低評価 1 
Bill Evans / Claus Ogermanの隠れた?名曲。これは渾身の?一作

島唄 ( The Boom ) / Jazz Tenor Sax Quartet, 犬塚悠太、Feb. 13, 2016 Takasaki K Note  視

聴回数 823 高評価 4 低評価 1 

Takasaki City Gallery Improvisation April 16, 2016

視聴回数 759 高評価2 低評価0
第二回Opus群馬での即興演奏 途中で癇癪を起こしてしまった。でも良い記念です。

Palladium ( Weather Report ), Music Exploration Company 【音楽探検隊】. 前橋 風のまち音楽祭2016

音楽探検隊の10月のコンサート PalladiumはWeather Report曲の中で難易度は高くはにのですが、それもムズい。

Bluesette, Jazz Piano Duet. Bösendorfer vs Bechstein Full Concert Gland Piano.

熊谷の名手久保園さんとのduo Bubi Chenのようにはいかない。

Am I youTuber?
What is "YouTuber" Youtube creator is a name that refers to people and groups who continuously publish videos that were produced independently on YouTube.
In a narrow sense, it refers to a person who "lives on advertising revenue obtained by YouTube video playback as a main source of income". In addition to "YouTuber in English-speaking countries", notations such as "YouTube Personality", "YouTube Star", "YouTube Celebrity" are used. In April 2011 Partner Program was opened to general users, and advertisement revenue became available.
YouTuber (Jan.5, 2006, 1: 05 UTC) in Wikipedia; The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/YouTuber → In the formal quotation form of Wikipedia

I continuously post videos, but because it excludes advertisements, it is not YouTuber in a narrow sense. I would like more people to see the music I'm playing. Registered on YouTube in June 2007, it is nearly ten years to completely post a video post.

Consumer's self-exposure awareness
The following is quotation from Mr. Tadashi Honda's blog of advertisement planner. It is a meaningful title of "Consumer's self-exposure awareness", but my video has been taken up. "This blog can not be viewed as of PLUG 2009.12.15)
"The fact that we can only do this with a limited reach as a result with a limited budget compared to television," and "I must recognize that factor firmly." "Consumer conspicuous attention "Is the incentive design good?" "" Another reason? "" Let 's think properly anyway "
In the case of
Music is a verbal language. I want to express it with a good sound and a moving picture.
I want to express and I want to tell it. I want to fix what I pass by moment of music. I think whether there is something I want to express even if technically childish.
Of course, I am posting a video with expectation of comment, but the difference between subjectivity and objective is big.

As I mentioned earlier, I was touched on YouTube because I was deeply impressed by the comments of a certain posted video.
Piano Solo Improvisation / Hong Solo I got a comment on the more than 8 minutes of improvisation performed in Honjo 's quest blues.

I'm really happy, to see, and hear someone not being afraid of improvisation.
More - he is a real musician, playing real music!
Cause YouTube is full of amateurs, and tired stars, playing mainless routine, but I can not make a point of wiew unless hurting someone's feelings ...
Really hard to find such a great musician, and really sad to see, how much views he's got, while stupid rockers ruling with their four easyest guitar chords!

From viewing analysis of YouTube last year
Registration date Cumulative since 2007/06/28
Total number of video posted 628 video (public video 628 not disclosed 22)
Total viewing count 1,680,431 times
High likelihood 4657 Low rating 363 Comments 942 Number of registrants 1265 people

January 1 - 2016 to December 31
Number of video posts 101 video
Views 199, 321 High Rating 1030 Low Rating 131 Comments 105
211 new registrants



2016.4.30 屋根裏セッション

 演奏データベースを元に、対象期間、2016年1月~12月の演奏活動 ライブ、演奏、他を含む 後日閲覧した場合に参考となるようにできるだけ数字を記載する。傾向と反省と対策を考える。

【結果】  総公演数     62回
 レギュラーセッション                    34回
 イレギュラーセッション& 単発企画  16回
 クラシック関係                       3回
 セッション                                     9回

1)レギュラーセッション (合計34回)
 ◯ケイノート  K Note Jazz Project  (#130 - #141)  12回皆勤
  プロのゲストは犬塚悠太 清水賢二、浦上眞紀  ゲストは Sax 7名 Vocal  6名 Guitar 1名
  ドラマーは月変わりで金澤君3回、山上さん2回 豊田君、登坂君、吉原先生、大藤君、斎藤さん、井田君 田村さん 一づ 
  つ。ベースは9月の好造さんに依頼。  集客は8名ー23名 (平均14.3名 最高は7月の饗場君 23名)

 ◯くいものや亮 くいものや亮Musician`s Club (#99 - #110)  12回皆勤
  Saxは5名、Vocal3名、vib1名、Guitar1名 tb一名 cello&Violin 1名  プロのゲストは 佐藤達哉、堤智恵子、岡田嘉満
  伊藤君(Dr)が7月~12月まで休み 2017年1月から復帰予定 ドラムは斎藤さん2回、大藤君、金澤君、小川さん、久井君
  1回ずつ。集客は7-21名(平均16.3名  最高は4月の小林啓一さん21名)
  →1000円プレート月で投げ銭でやって来たが資金不足になり、来年から1500円プレート付きになる予定 山崎さんの負担は

 ◯ピエロセッション(#201-210)   10回参加(7月10月は休み)
  →集客は7-11名 (平均8.2人 10名入ると一杯の店ではあるが。 最近やや少ない)

<イレギュラーセッション, 単発イベント>    14回               
 ◯Story of Songs (5/15上里  8.21 es cafe)    2回
 ◯音楽探検隊 (前橋かぜの街音楽祭 10/2) トリ前に出演。→音楽探検隊の活動が少ない。饗場君が抜けた影響は否定できない 

 □ジャズ聞こう会(3/13)前橋中央公民館 聴衆300名! 来年も依頼されている。
 □高梨水口片山トリオ+1(5/21) プロ三人との共演、自分の足りない所を実感。
 □J Coltrane追悼コンサート(7/16) 35名の大入り 渡辺好造(b)、手島健吾(dr)で近年では出来は良かったようだ。
 □香文木Fusion Session(7/30) 雅子さん企画 鴻巣でのセッション
 □群馬ジャズフェスティバル(9/4) Tomoko with K.T.Y.T  2012年以来の出演
 □小児科荒川教授招待演(10/7  高崎メトロポリタンホテル 甲賀山中豊田)
 □本庄児玉医師会忘年会(12/16 埼玉グランドホテル本庄 レミンバンド
 □甘糟Kazuバンド (12/23 主音求Ⅱ)

<クラシック関係> 3回                      
  第三回Opus群馬(夢スタジオ) 甲賀久保園duo


 題。折角の師匠のライブも行けていない。(最重要改善事項であろう) 高梨片山水口セッションはリズム感の悪さを露呈し
 と企画を考える必要がある。くいものやは値上げ、ピエロ不定期化と変化がある。vocalとの共演は16回 近年増加傾向。以前
 群大医学部セッションが折角4月から始まったが6月以降参加できていない。出張@セッションも要努力。 と努力目標ばかり

 福田先生レッスン 結局8回受講 続けることが目標. これは間違いない。福田先生からはいつも〇〇と言われている。

        Summary of music activities in 2016 and reflection

        Hideaki Kohga, A Weekend Keyboard Player.

【Introduction】Activities on weekends are impossible on weekdays, so the number of performances is almost saturated now. Under such circumstances, analyze the performance activities of 2016, think about measures in 2017. To be a reference in 5 years.

【Target and method】Based on the performance database, describe the figures as much as possible to be helpful when browsing at a later date including live performances from January to December 2016, performances, and others. Think about trends, reflections and countermeasures.
【Result】 62 total performances
 Regular session 34 times
 Irregular session & single project 16 times
 Classical relationship 3 times
 Session 9 times

1) Regular session (total 34 times)
 ◯K Note Jazz Project (# 130 - # 141) 12 times annual month
Professional guests are Inuzuka Yuta,  Shimizu Kenji, Urakami Maki. Guests : Sax 7 people Vocal 6 people Guitar 1 name.   Drummer changed each months.  3 times Kanazawa, Mr. Yamagami 2 times Toyoda, Mr. Asuka, Mr. Yoshihara, Mr. Ofuji, Mr. Saito, Mr. Ida and Mrs. Tamura once.   One I asked Mr. Kozo for the base in September. The number of audiences  attracted 8 to 23 (average 14.3. highest is 23 Mr. Aiba in July)
→ It continues well. It is doubtful whether "continuation is power" or not. Consideration is necessary so that Mr. Yamanaka will not get tired. Voca 6The name is surprising. Request of drummer monthly change is a little hard, but when the drummer changes, music It is interesting to change. Gunma has many excellent drummers.

◯ Kuinonoya Ryo  Musician`s Club (# 99 - # 110) 12 times annual month
Tests : Sax is 5, Vocal 3, vib 1, Guitar 1 tb 1 cello & Violin 1 Professional guests are Tatsuya Sato, Chieko Tsutsumi, Yoshimizu Okada
Mr. Ito (Dr) is absent from July to December and is scheduled to return from January 2017. Mr. Saito twice, Mr. Ofuji, Mr. Kanazawa, Mr. Ogawa, Mr. Kui 1 By times. The number of audiences attracted 7-21 (average 16.3 highest is 21 people Keiichi Kobayashi in April)
→ 1000 yen It arrived at the plate month, but the funds are bottomed and planned to be with 1500 yen plate from next year The burden of Mr. Yamazaki is. The burden of the facilities is large, but this place is being made easy.

◯ Pierrot session (# 201-210) 10 times participation (July October are absent)
Mr. Koike 7 times, Mr. Aiba one time, Mr. Koizumi 2 times
→ 7 - 11 people attracting customers (average number of 8.2 people 10 people entered a shop, but somewhat less)
→ I have been indebted to since 1992, but my master got tired or not become regular monthly from next year

<Irregular session, single event> 14 times
◯ attic session host (1/23, 4/30, 7/23) 3 times
◯ Story of Songs (5/15 Kamisato 8.21 es cafe) 2 times
◯ Music Exploration Company  (Maebashi Kaze no Town Music Festival 10/2) 
→ There is little activity of music exploration Company. I can not deny the influence that Mr. Aiba passed.

□ Jazz listening party (3/13) Maebashi Central Public Hall 300 audiences I am also asked next year.
□ Takanashi Mizuguchi Katayama Trio + 1 (5/21) Co-star with three professionals, I realize that I am missing it.
□ J Coltrane Memorial Concert (7/16) Including 35 people Daichi Watanabe (b), Kengo Teshima (dr) Enrich the contents
□ Koubunboku Fusion Session (7/30)  Masako's planning
□ Gunma Jazz Festival (9/4) Tomoko with K.T.Y.T .  Appearance since 2012
□ Pediatrics Professor Arakawa Professor's invitation (10/7 Takasaki Metropolitan Hotel Koka Yamanaka Toyota)
□ Takasaki Street Live (10/10)
□ Ota Townscape Festival (10/30)
□ Honjo Kodama Medical Association Year-End Party (12/16 Saitama Grand Hotel Honjo Remingband
□ Sweet Kazu Band (12/23 Tonight Request Ⅱ)

<Classic relationship> 3 times
2nd Opus Gumma (City Gallery Core Hall) Improvisation
The 3 rd Opus Gumma (Yume Studio) Kohga-Kubosono duo
The 8 th year-end twitter piano meeting  (piano plaza)
Piano · solo improvisation is few as 2 times. Duo with Mr. Kubo is an epoch - making project.

<Session> 9 times
The medical jam session has been skipped since joining in April of May. Effort required
The business @ session was only Akjam (new). Effort required

 First of all we must thank the co-star. Well, in order for the piano to become better you should listen to good performance, objectively perform your performance. It is important to listen and reflect. There were 8 collaborations with professionals, but a serious problem that he did not nearly see the professional live appreciation. Of I can not go to the teacher's live. (It will be the most important improvement item) 
 The Takanashi Katayama Mizuguchi session revealed bad rhythm.
In the regular session, Keynote ends up to 141 times. It is doubtful whether continuation is power. Consideration and planning for the base.  It is necessary to think about. There are variations and price changes for crocodiles, cheap irregularities and changes. Impression that co-star with vocal has increased 16 times in recent years. Studying is necessary with the drummer . The group large medical school session started from April, but I have not been able to participate since June. I also made efforts to make a business trip session. And it was only my effort goal.
I missed Sekiguchi Nash en Jazz Festival.

<Count out of order>
Mr. Fukuda Lesson Eventually I attended eight times
Lesson opportunity is ten times. Two goals off, the goal is to keep canceling once



1.8(日)1830〜 高崎/くいものや亮
 くいものや亮Musician`s Club #112
 ゲスト 本間昌晃(ts)@金沢
 山崎隆之(ts) 甲賀英明(p) 坂井康良(b)  伊藤勇輝(d)

1.14(土)1930〜 高崎/ケイノート
 K Note Jazz Project #142
 ゲスト 洋志(vo) 
 甲賀英明(p) 山中幸一(b)  豊田勝巳(d)

1.29(日)大宮/Sako`s Bar (予定)
 Tomoko with K.T.Y.T
 安孫子智子(vo) 饗場拓也(as) 甲賀英明(p) 渡辺好造(b) 小川由紀夫(d)

2.11(土)1930〜 高崎/ケイノート
 K Note Jazz Project #143
 ゲスト 安孫子智子(vo)
   甲賀英明(p) 山中幸一(b)  井田聡明 (d)

2.12(日)1830〜 高崎/くいものや亮
くいものや亮Musician`s Club #113
 ゲスト 西沢雅枝(vo&p)
 山崎隆之(ts) 甲賀英明(p) 坂井康良(b)  伊藤勇輝(d)

2.25(土)2000〜 高崎/ピエロセッション?