" Huge Earthquake, Tsumami and Prayer " Piano Improvisation

March 11, 2011, by a massive earthquake around the Tohoku region, many people died. This day I was traveling on business in Tokyo. I've had terrible experiences due to stop all the traffic network.
Might be imprudent, here, I drew some scenery of an earthquake in piano improvisation. Earthquake, tsunami attack, confusion, despair, prayer, and finally a ray of hope, expressed in piano improvisation. While I was playing the improvisation, I have played enough empathy tears well up.
The original landscape stands out first, I wanted to express that "Prayer" is.

Apri 17, 2011 Yume-Studio. Maebashi
Piano : Bechstein Type E Full Concert Grand Piano
by H Kohga

2011年4月17日 群馬県前橋市 夢スタジオ

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