Fotografia, Jobim先生 ごめんなさい。


各地で40度近くの猛暑の中、涼しそうな音楽を。ということで Jobimの名曲 " Fotografia " をピアノトリオで。1967年にJobim4枚目のアルバム " A Certain Mr. Jobim " の4曲目。

You and I we two alone                   
In this terrace by the sea
The sun is going down
And in your eyes
I see the changing colors of the sea
It's time for you to go
The day is done
And shaddows stretch their arms to bring the night
The sun falls in the sea
And down below a window light we see
Just you and me


2013年 7月14日 高崎/くいものや亮

They are only two persons, looking at the scenery whose sun is depressed on the terrace near the sea.......
They are the inside of the intense heat of about 40 degrees, and the music which seems to be cool in every place. It is saying and he is a piano trio about excellent" Fotografia" of Jobim.
It will be the 4th music of album" A Certain Mr. Jobim" of the 4th Jobim in 1967.

Mostly, the ear copy of the code is carried out by Naka of the car of commuting, a code musical score is passed to Mr. Base as usual, without going to a keyboard, and it is a performance without any rehearsal. Therefore, always failing is a mistake of a theme. Since the peculiarity of catching music to the sound of a base occurs, theme tends to become fairly random.  Mr. Jobim I'm sorry.
July 14, 2013   Takasaki / Kuimonoya Ryo
Hideaki Kohga (p), Yasuo Sakai (b), Yuuki Itou  (d)

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