Hancock Arrangeの"Norwayの森"に勢いを付けてみる

"Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)" (also known as simply "Norwegian Wood") is a song by the Beatles, mainly written by John Lennon, with the middle eight co-written with Paul McCartney, released on the 1965 album Rubber Soul.[3][4] It was the first example of a rock band playing the sitar in one of their songs; it was played by George Harrison.
The song as first released is performed in E major and is one of the few Beatles songs in triple time.[12]An earlier take, released on Anthology 2, is in the key of D major.[13] The song opens with I (E) chord and a vocal melody B-natural (on the word "I") which is the 5th scale degree in E Mixolydian.                                                                                             (by Wikipedia)
Hancock arranged by E♭.
A certain day and I brought this music to the lesson of the jazz piano.
It was for checking having created the code musical score from some sound sources.
The teacher pointed out that an album called New Jazz of H Hancock in this was the original text.
Although I had that album, why or this music was not impressive.

The Beatlesの”Norwegian Wood”のは”ノルウェイ産の家具”が正しいらしい。翻訳者も”ノルウエイの森”は誤訳であったことを認めている。先日、私はジャズピアノのレッスンにこの曲のコードアレンジを持って行った。 いくつかの音源からコード譜面を作成したことを確認するためであった。師匠はこれはH Hancock の"New Jazz"というアルバムが原典であることを指摘。私はそのアルバムを持っていたにも関わらず、何故かこの曲のアレンジは印象に残っていなかった。印象を変えるために『少し速めのテンポで、やや熱い感じに』してみました。

Sep.21,2013 Maebashi / Augusta
Augusta Jazz Funk Band #123
T Koike (s.ss)、H Kohga (key), M Doki (b)、Y Doki (dr)

Video : Sony PJV790V (新規導入)
Sound Recording Ronland Digital Audio Recorder R-26
Edit Final Cut Pro X

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