Karuizawa Piano Solo Improvisation May 16, 2016 正面からと後方から....

May 16, 2015 / Karuizawa Ooga Hall
Karuizawa Twitter Paino Concert
Piano Solo Improvisation : Hideaki Kohga

Mr. Kinoshita who is also an excellent piano player is the one by which imaging played me from a fixed camera for this animation. It's as far as a rise picture of a performance has not been taken a picture of so much, and I'm embarrassed. The tone of the ceiling hanging microphone catches sound abundant in this piano excellently.

It's often moving, but my finger is still a performance of a dirty touch.I violated a misunderstanding in case of a rehearsal for 1 minute and 30 seconds.In order to go intensely forte because it's Steinway & Sons's full concert grand piano. The return of a touch was good best, so I fancied to seem able to be speeding away. But, this piano was the abundant sound for Debussy, and that I noticed that a complaint is a beautiful piano approached the second half of a performance, and was time.

I'm never thinking how to play what really.
Anyway I know that it's a performance in its reach of the part and reach of the light-finger.
The hand and a piano become selfish at well time in the sense which is being judged by empty third person judge when my head and eye play, and keep the distance a little, but I didn't have the sense at this performance.

I was fighting with a piano and was struggling earnestly.
This performance is typical stall condition actually, improvised. The image which is being played fought against a piano and refused, and I was in trouble.
Feeling always regrets one just after the performance, and is depressed. When I fail in conversation with a piano, I'm sad.

But when an animation after a performance is seen, the meaning to have that is fascinating. There are no stall senses which are being played so much.A piano is a fearfulness musical instrument. The spirit state of that case is expressed directly.Well, big trouble occurred on the work on the previous day, and I was busying myself until a little past one o'clock at midnight. The sense rather helpful to a lack of the concentration which is being played in a piano.

It's difficult to record a piano. Its sound quality often influences the location of the recording equipment. The reflected part of the lid usually scatters the tone of the grand piano to Kyoto and its vicinity, and hears sound as a ring in a hole directly, and comes. I'm embarrassed of an animation, but I should be very much obliged if you can enjoy the abundant sound.






実はこの演奏は典型的な 失速状態の即興である。演奏中のイメージはピアノと戦って拒否され、私は困っていた。演奏の直後はいつも後悔し気分が落ち込む。ピアノとの会話に失敗すると悲しい。



さらに、ピアノの録音をすることは難しい。その音質は録音機器の位置に影響されることが多い。通常グランドピアノの音は上方に放散し、蓋の反射された一部が直接に、そして部屋の響きとして音が聞こえて来る。 動画は恥ずかしいがその豊かな音声を楽しんでいただければ幸いである。

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