Swan Lake / 白鳥の湖 , Tsutusmi Chieko 堤智恵子 + Kuimonoya Ryo Musician`s Club

September 6. 2015.  Takasaki Kuimonoya Ryo
Chieko Tsutsumi(as), Takayuki Yamazaki (ss), Hideaki Kohga (p)
Yasuo Sakai (b), Yuuki Ito (d)

First explanation of the original piece of music
 Three of written ballet music is called by Tchaikovsky a ballet with "Mori's beauty who can sleep" "nutcracker". The scene Moscow Bolshoi theater ballet company premieres a premiere on March 4, 1877, and by which this most famous theme is the second act.
 European Jazz Trio takes up Eugen Cicero already by jazz.

About an arrangement.
 As an unnecessary articulation wasn't put, a theme arranged not to damage beauty of the original piece of music by an obedient cord.
When it'll be ad lib, everyone undergoes a complete change, and he's a performance of laver laver in plenty. Last theme of two soprano saxophones is very beautiful.

チャイコフスキーによって作曲されたバレエ音楽、「眠れる森の美女」「くるみ割り人形」とともに三台バレエと言われる。初演は1877年3月4日 モスクワ ボリショイ劇場バレエ団が初演、最も有名なこのテーマは第二幕の情景。
 ジャズではオイゲン・キケロ、European Jazz Trioが既に取り上げています。

アドリブになると一転して皆結構ノリノリの演奏です。二本のソプラノサックスのLast theme がとても美しい。一発リハでの演奏ですが堤さんさすがです。

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