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About This Song
"Birdland" is a jazz-fusion instrumental composition written by keyboardist Joe Zawinul of Weather Report. The piece made its debut on Weather Report’s 1977 studio album, Heavy Weather. With Birdland at the helm of the album, the song received awards, as well as ranking high on Billboard charts. It became a jazz standard, and entered the set lists of other artists including Buddy Rich, Maynard Ferguson’s big band, The Manhattan Transfer (whose version added lyrics by Jon Hendricks), Quincy Jones, Niacin and The String Cheese Incident.

The first number of Heavy Weather where" Bird Rand" is written by keyboard player Joe Zawinul in Weather Report and is the 8th released album in 1977. This album gets album of the year of jazz in 1977. They're also a bassist and the 2nd album with which Jaco Pastrious participated. "Bird Rand" puts commercial success back and has the charm I don't have in a typical instrumental song.

This melody of Bird Rand was born taking the song recorded in 1 number of the album of an announcement "Zawinul" in 1971 and the part of the live performance as "Doctor Honoris Causa (intention of an honor doctorate)" as a start. Before Jacquot joined a band, live recording by a performance only by a pure keyboard was already recorded already, indeed the features of "Bird Rand" are picking "and" performance by harmonics with fret lessness by Jaco Pastors and a base for listening to a performance of an album and understanding.

Jazz Club Birdland
"Birdland" marked the peak of Weather Report's commercial career with the release of Heavy Weather. With the addition of Jaco Pastorius, the band was able to push its music to the “height of its popularity”, and with that came "Birdland." Weather Report's most commercially successful composition, "Birdland" served as a tribute to the New York jazz club on 52nd street that housed many famous jazz musicians. The song was also named in honor of the man after whom the club was named, Charlie Parker, the ‘Bird’ himself. It was this club, that he frequented almost daily, that inspired Zawinul to write the song. Looking back, Zawinul claimed, “The old Birdland was the most important place in my life.” (From Wikipedia Jan.03.2016)

How to play " Birdland"
Now, a base is a main song for this song. The first harmonics is beautiful. A pop theme can be written only in ZABINURU catchily. It's very difficult because of the height of its percentage of completion to break a song of Weather Report. Because a chord is complicated like a keyboard player, it's very fun. (Main theme of 1:54~) it's disturbing whether this part uses a song of strings ancestry strong in an attack or EREPI ancestry.

The start is obedient in a theme. It's to ad lib by a shuffle beat on the way. I don't like a shuffle so much. There is rarely a drummer good at a shuffle^. Whether a drum comes out at the front when why will it be a shuffle, chatters, ad lib will be, and the rhythm with the low very difficult degree of freedom.

Sound is buried, and a bad one will be the point that the sound I win becomes loud. Without burying sound in a drummer, I want you to consider the shuffle which doesn't go out to the front. They should be to which degree you do volume control of where to lay on the stress and the rhythm for which it's difficult for a drummer by its meaning where a gap is opened. A drummer is trying for various things, and is very good by this performance, but suppression will be a little more necessary to the whole.

"バードランド" はWeather Reportの鍵盤奏者Joe Zawinulにより作曲され、1977に発表された8枚目のアルバムであるHeavy Weatherの第一曲目 同アルバムは1977年のジャズの「アルバム・オヴ・ザ・イヤー」を獲得している。ベーシスト、ジャコ・パストリアスが参加した2枚目のアルバムでもある。「バードランド」は、商業的な成功を収めており、典型的なインストゥルメンタルの曲にはない魅力を持っている。

「Doctor Honoris Causa(名誉博士号の意)」というライヴ演奏の一部をきっかけにして生まれたものである。ジャコがバンドに加入する以前に、純粋なキーボードのみによる演奏でのライヴ録音がすでに録音済みではあったのだが、アルバムの演奏を一聴してわかるのは、「バードランド」の特徴とはまさに、ジャコ・パストリアスによるフレットレス・ベースを使用した「ピッキング・ハーモニクスによる演奏」である。

Jazz Club Birdland
(wikipediaより引用一部削除 2016年1月3日)

さて、この曲はベースがメインの曲である。最初のハーモニックスが美しい。キャッチーでポップなテーマはザビヌルにしか書けない。Weather Reportの曲を壊すのはその完成度の高さ故にとても困難である。鍵盤奏者的には和音の複雑さ故にとても楽しい。(1:54~のメインテーマ) この部分はアタックの強いstrings系か、エレピ系の曲を使用するか悩ましい。



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