Karuizawa Solo Improvisation のアナリーゼ

 "It's improvised." for, it's developing while repeating a reaction in the sound by which one has appeared. An important element is "good piano", "good hole", "good tuning" and "physical condition management".But the physical condition on this day was worst. With not ending easily, going home was an usual thing at 2:00am the day, but work was in the state of the exhaustion on Friday the previous day (2015-05-15). I boarded the Nagano Shinkansen in sleeping hours for 3 hours. It was rescued by the thing which was only 20 minutes from Takasaki to Karuizawa a little. A head and a body aren't functioning so much.
 Still it isn't done to consider the improvised contents by force. I'll consider the pattern of the improvised first. This had been decided. The passage with an early right hand and the phrase with a grave left hand were considered. And when stalling, the pattern of the scenic conversion is prepared for how to rescue in the mind about 2. You can entrust site processing with only all that from there. I happened to stall many times, but the pattern when stalling, wasn't used. But a phrase was far from the sense which springs from a body and comes out.
 Anyway interest will be light-finger and come out of the phrase one has and the scenic inside assortment of a musical experience immediately. It's probably only the one with which the limited material was combined.
 While seeing a clock is, it's improvised, for, a closet also has the experience which stalled, so I'm left to my biological clock and 10 minutes in declaration time are, it's improvised, it was compared and was exaggerated for about 1 minute.

The character of the piano?
 I suffer from a touch and the sound of Steinway & Sons full concert gland piano in Oga hall a little at the stage of the rehearsal.
There seem to be also no things like Bechstein in a dream studio by quite early passage well for a touch. Still I failed to grasp the character of this piano. There is also an impression which is an effort, but when it's being bumped to the fullest, an answer seems not to be returning one or a shrew or is it better to tell a mute ring?

Three beat  or quadruple beat?
 There is a change one will repeat to ask interest immediately, and by which oneself are quadruple time and triple time in hinkai. This, it's improvised, I'm astonished that there is a rhythm change about 15 times. The person himself isn't conscious at all. The location which is the accent by a basis and 12 chances, it can also be said as it is being changed a little.

A halftone is falling.
 There are very much parts where a halftone or Hajime sound rises or falls for the tone of the base for the pattern which becomes a basis. A chord of inner voice is changing in response to this. A solution of 5 can see almost no so-called 2−.
 When it's left, to go to in D also seems to be a habit.

The character of the piano
 It was in the state unfortunately which is consumed from the performance front. Without knowing the character of the partner's piano, the finger and a keyboard become selfish at the well time when I was struggling in the fight state in the sense which overlooked a moving place.
 When it'll be repeated to ask later, this piano seems to have been good at making a complaint, not a fight lover sound beautifully.
 But it was liked by the meaning that such fight state is different when it was repeated to ask since assuming that it was improvised, it becomes improvised. It's opposite to the just after consumption state.

 しかしこの日の体調は最悪であった。前日の金曜日 (2015-05-15) に仕事がなかなか終わらずに、帰宅は当日の午前2時、いつものことであるが疲労困憊の状態であった。睡眠時間3 時間で長野新幹線に飛び乗った。高崎から軽井沢までわずか20分であったことに多少救われた。頭と体があまり働いていない。

 それでも 無理に即興の内容を考えることはしない。即興の始まりのパターンを考えておこう。これは決めていた。右手の早いパッセージと左手の重々しいフレーズは考えていた。そして失速した時にどうやってレスキューするか、場面転換のパターンを頭の中で2つほど用意しておく。それだけ、そこから先は全て現場処理に任せる。何度も失速しかかっているが、失速した場合のパターンは使用しなかった。しかしフレーズが体から湧いて出てくる感覚からは程遠かった。


 リハーサルの段階で大賀ホールのスタインウエイ フルコンのタッチと音色に少々悩む。


 放置しておくと in Dに行ってしまうのもクセらしい。


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