So What , Music Eploration Company with Tatsuya Sato

Oct.9 2010 Takasaki Street Live
tigar kotetsu (g) H Kohga(key), H Moriya(b), H Kanazawa (d)
Special Guest Tatsuya Sato (ts)

"So What" is the first track on the 1959 Miles Davis album Kind of Blue. "So What" is one of the best known examples of modal jazz, set in the Dorian mode and consisting of 16 bars of D Dorian, followed by eight bars of E♭ Dorian and another eight of D Dorian

Tatsuya Sato is one of the best saxophone player in Japan. We had an opportunity to play with him. everyone is knocked out by his play.

so whatはMiles Davis が1959に発表したkind of blueの第一曲目。

平成23年10月9日 高崎/さやモール
高崎ストリートライブ ジャズ部門

Music Exploration Company
スペシャルゲスト : 佐藤達哉(ts)

録音 Roland Digital Audio Recorder R-09 / モニタースピーカー前にて
画像 Panasonic DV video camera
編集 Apple iMovie HD上で合成


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