Never Said (Chan`s Song ) by Herbie Hancock. Music Exploration Company

Never said, never heard Though within
Every word lives a heart Filled with love ,for you
Never felt, seldom seen Though somewere
In a dream, you have heard Whispers of, i love you
Keeper of, my only love Time that i be known
Keeper of my only love Time to you im shown
Never touched, bearly read Though so much
Has been said, in the smiles That i give, to you
Always new, never old Livin deep, in my soul
All the love, ever burnin For you my dear

Never Said (Chan's Song), a composition that Herbie Hancock wrote for the movie Round Midnight, which Stevie Wonder wrote lyrics for.Considering the position to perform, this music has a quite difficult advance of a code.
In my case, anticipation attached automatically the chord progression with almost all near music usually, but this music was an important point musical score.
It is taking its hat off at the ad lib which Mr. Aeba has sung.
May, 19 2013  Farmars Market  and Jazzy Music Festival,Unicus Kamisato, Saitama
Music Exploration Company
Kotetsu Tigar (guitar), Takuya Aiba (soprano, alt sax , EWI)
Hideaki Kohga (keyboard, piano) , Hiroyuki Kanazawa (drums) ,Masayuki Doki (bass)

この曲は1986年にハービー・ハンコックが曲を書き、スティーヴィー・ワンダーが歌詞をつけたもので、「Round Midnight」という映画のサウンドトラックアルバムに収録されています。


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