Desafinado. Yasuhiro Matsuda and K Note Jazz Project

"Desafinado", a Portuguese word (usually rendered into English as "Out of Tune", or as "Off Key"), is the title of a bossa nova song composed by Antonio Carlos Jobim with lyrics (in Portuguese) by Newton Mendonça. The English language lyrics were written by Jon Hendricks and Jessie Cavanaugh. Another English lyric, more closely based on the original Portuguese lyric (but not a translation) was written by Gene Lees, and appears on some recordings as well. The version by Stan Getz and Charlie Byrd (from the album Jazz Samba) was a major hit in 1962, reaching 15 and 4 on Billboard's pop and easy-listening charts, respectively; their definitive rendering also reached No 11 in the UK, whilst Ella Fitzgerald's version made No 38. by Wikipedia
September 11, 2011, K Note Jazz Place
Yasuhiro Matsuda, winner of JazzSession on Youtube 2010, a splendid altosaxphone player from Yokohama.
Yasuhiro Matsuda (alto saxphone),
K Note Jazz Project, Hideaki Kohga(piano), Koichi Yamanaka (bass), Masami Kamitama (drums)

ポルトガル語でDesafinadoは" 調子はずれの"という意味です。アントニオ カルロス ジョビン作曲、1962年にヒットしたボサノバの名曲です。ビルボードのイージーリスニングチャートで4位まであがりまし­た。
今年もBlue Note Tokyoで共演した松田靖弘氏をお招きしました。今年も「Coool」でした。なんてカッコいいんだろう。

2011年9月11日 高崎ケイノート K Note Jazz Project

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