Hamabe-no-uta / 浜辺の歌 Jazz Piano Trio
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January 12, 2013 Kuimonoya Ryo Takasaki
Hideaki Kohga(p)、Yasuo Sakai (b)、Yuuki Ito (d)

 作曲者の成田為三は1893年 秋田県に生まれ、小学校の教鞭を一年間執ったのち、1914年に東京音楽学校(現在の東京芸術大学)に入学、山田耕筰に教えを受ける。1916年(大正五年)頃「浜辺の歌」を作曲している。1945年没 歌曲、童謡の作曲家という印象が強いが、多くの管弦楽曲やピアノ曲を作曲した本格的な作曲家であったことはあまり知られていない。また殆どの作品が空襲で失われている。     (以上Wikipediaより)

原曲の浜辺の歌の誕生を調べてみる http://econessnet.blog.ocn.ne.jp/song/2006/07/post_3b92.html


(あした)浜辺を 彷徨(さまよ)えば
昔の事ぞ しの(偲)ばるる
風の音よ 雲の様(さま)
寄する波も 貝の色も

(ゆうべ)浜辺を 廻(もとお)れば
昔の人ぞ しの(偲)ばるる
寄する波よ 返す波よ
月の色も 星の影も

疾風(はやち)(たちま)ち 波を吹き
赤裳(あかも)の裾(すそ)ぞ 濡れ漬(ひ)じし
病みし我は 既に癒えて
浜辺の真砂(まさごorまなご) 愛子(まなご)今は

 この手の童謡は結構 European Jazz Trioがあらかた取り上げています。その他にも
 そして、YouTubeにアップロードされていた 高知のMakiko Trioの演奏に出会いました。
 この演奏では最初にalto saxで汽笛とカモメが登場します。

■ About Narita Tamezo, composer of " Hamabe no Uta
 Narita Tamezo was born to Akita Prefecture in 1893. After performing the birch of an elementary school for one year, the Tokyo music academy (present Tokyo University of the Arts) was entered in 1914. He receives an instruction in Kosaku Yamada. And he wrote this song around 1916 (Taisho 5) "the song of a beach." Although his impression of the composer of a song and a children's song is strong, it is seldom known that he was the full-scale composer who composed many orchestral works and piano pieces. Moreover, almost all works are lost in the air raid.  (From Wikipedia) 

■ Investigate birth of the song 
It is shown clearly in after years that this music was the love song which Narita sent to the woman of the fellow student of the Tokyo music academy. Around Taisho 5, mail reached from Narita the woman who was majoring in the piano at the Tokyo music academy, and there was a score with handwritten words in inside. "It offers darling Masako." It was described. It was "a song of the beach." It is already then said that the letter was attached, saying "her regular person being in me" since the woman was engaged, and the score was returned. 

■ Words are difficult. 
The songwriter's Kokei Hayashi was a classical literature person, a prototype was composition-business-built and this poetry was announced by the magazine "music" in 1913 (Taisho 2). It is set to 1916 (Taisho 5) for Narita to have attached music. I did not know that there was this music to No. 3. They are very difficult words. 

■ It is Jazz-ization on the topic of the song of a beach. 
European Jazz Trio has almost taken up the children's song very well. It seems that in addition, this music is considerably taken up as a subject matter of jazz. I looked for the arrangement which can feel warmth into a calm rhythm so that the image of the original melody might not be carefully separated as much as possible from the original melody. And I had uploaded to YouTube.   It met with the performance of Makiko Trio of Kochi which had uploaded to YouTube . 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vw-xoDja96w It is a brilliant performance. 
The image of the rhythm was borrowed.  It is not necessarily hard to call it an original arrangement by that. In this performance, a steam whistle and a sea gull appear by alto sax first. 

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