Bouncing With Bud ( Bud Powell ) , Satoe Kobayashi & Kuimonoya Ryo Musician`c Club

January 11, 2015  Kuimonoya Ryo Takasaki
Kuimonoya Ryo Musician`s Club
Takayuki Yamazaki (ts), Hideaki Kohga(p) , Yasuo Sakai(b), Yuuki Ito(d)
Guest : Satoe Kobayashi (as)

Bouncing with Bud (also known as Bebop in Pastel), is a 1946 jazz standard by American jazz pianist Bud Powell, which features the saxophone of Sonny Stitt and the trumpet of Kenny Dorham. It was originally recorded on 23 August 1946 during the same session as "Fool's Fancy" as "Bebop in Pastel". In the key of B-flat major, the tune is a "nonblues theme whose form is A-A'-B-A' with an eight-bar interlude that is not played during the solos."
 Powell played the theme under the debut title "Bouncing with Bud" on 9 August 1949 at the Blue Note Jazz Club with Sonny Rollins, Fats Navarro, Tommy Potter and Roy Haynes, for a recording which is often wrongly thought to be the original. Numerous artists have covered it, including pianist Keith Jarrett, as the opening track for his 1999 live album

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