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「Miki Yokoyamaは一度だけ会ったことがあるよ」
彼の動画を探していて、 Beat it にはまった。

9/13 高崎モントレーでのストリートライブ&フラッシュモブ

超満員の高崎Sangam 真剣勝負でした。メンバーの皆さんご苦労さまでした。なんちゃってlatinから脱出できていませんが。

翌日(9/14) の前橋 G fACE Cafeには大学の同級生夫妻もかけつけてくれて緊張しました。
" Mambo Influenciado "  大好きなChucho Vadlesの曲。

It was in the middle of May that Isaiah came to Japan, so it was time for me to play together.
Then the story swelled and I had the chance to play with him eventually three times.
"I have met Miki Yokoyama only once"
I was looking for his videos and got stuck in Beat it.

9/12 Street Live at Takasaki Monterey & Flash Mob
Regarding Flash Mob, I was worried about various things, but it was a wonderful performance by Mr. Tamaki.

Overcrowded, Takasaki Sangam everyone including me seriously was a game. Everyone members worked hard. I can not get out of latin-like though.
The next day 's Maebashi G fACE Cafe was also nervous because the college classmates and couple also bore it.
Among them, Best is this performance
"Mambo Influenciado" My favorite song by Chucho Vadles.

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