実は このトリオで " Waltz for Debby " を演奏するのは 3回目である。いずれも満足のいくような出来ではなかった。今回も難しかった。間違いだらけだった。この曲特有の”落とし穴” にズボズボはまってしまっている。

 初めて聞いたのは高校生の時 Cannoballとのquartet版であった。Evansに特別惹かれたわけではないが、テンションコード、ブロックコードが不思議でそこの部分だけつまみ食いしていた。

 私はEvansが"苦手で嫌い"と公言しているのであるが、気づいたらSolo Albumの " Alone"と " Waltz for Debby "は結果的にコピーをしていた。


 しかし Jazz Pianoの練習に欠かせない名盤であることは間違いはない。という認識。

 私が圧倒的No.1 に上げる Bill Evans / Claus Germanの " Symbiosis "の一般的評価の低さに私の感覚がずれているのか

 それでも " Bill Evans 嫌いの Bill Evans フリーク」として、2日遅れになったが彼の命日 (9月15日) に捧げます。

 Actually it is the third time to play "Waltz for Debby" with this trio. Neither of them was satisfactory. It was also difficult this time. It was full of mistakes. It has become tightly fitted in the "pitfall" peculiar to this song.

 The first time I heard it was a quartet version with Cannoball when I was a high school student. Although it was not attracted to Evans specially, the tension code and the block code were mysterious, and only the part there was pinched and eaten.

 I profess that Evans is "weak and dislikes", but when I noticed, Solo Album's "Alone" and "Waltz for Debby" were copying as a result.

The reason I am not good at it is "from pins". It was fun to tickle the front desk with the quartet that he was not interested in trio too much. Evans is too rhythmic. I thought it better to stay away for the time being. In general, the performance of people who love Evans is not very interesting.

However, there is no mistake that it is a masterpiece essential to Jazz Piano's practice. Recognition.

 Is my feeling shifted to the low general evaluation of "Symbiosis" of Bill Evans / Claus Ogerman which I rise to the overwhelming No. 1?

 Still it was delayed two days as "Bill Evans Favorite Bill Evans Freak".  I will dedicate it to his death.

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