Laura, Yasuhiro Matsuda & K Note Jazz Project

Laura , by David Raskin in 1944
David Raksin (1912 - 2004) was an American composer born in Philadelphia,. With over 100 film scores and 300 television scores to his credit, he became known as the "Grandfather of Film Music."One of his earliest film assignments was as assistant to Charlie Chaplin in the composition of the score to Modern Times (1936). He is perhaps best remembered for the haunting theme to the 1944 movie Laura, which became the 1945 song "Laura". Johnny Mercer put lyrics to this theme, and during Raksin's lifetime this was said to be the second most-recorded song in history following only Stardust by Hoagy Carmichael and Mitchell Parish. He also wrote the theme song for (and scored the pilot of) Ben Casey. from Wiki

Yasuhiro Matsuda, splendid saxophone player, who played together with me at Blue Note Tokyo last year, as the winner of "Jazz Session on Youtube 2010" , wind sector. He came from far away Yokohama.
Yasuhiro Matsuda(as), Hideaki Kohga (p)、Koichi Yamanaka (b)、Masami Kamiyama(d)
Takasaki K Note September 10.2011.

" Laura " は 多数の映画音楽を手がけたDavid Raskin (1912-2004)が1944年に書いた彼の代表作の映画音楽で後にJazz standardとして取り上げられるようになりました。David Raskinが手がけた映画音楽では モダンタイムス、ベンケーシーの主題歌などがあります。
Film Musicとしてオーケストラ編成よる原曲のイメージは
ジャズスタンダードとしてはDextor Gordon

松田靖弘氏は Jazz Session on Youtube 2010 の管楽器部門の優秀者として昨年一緒にブルーノート東京に出演した同志です。はるばる横浜からお招きしました。この曲に新しい命を吹き込むような熱いバラードに仕上がって­います。
K Note Jazz Project 甲賀英明(p)、山中幸一(b)、神山昌美(d)
高崎ケイノート 2011年9月10日

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