Honjo Solo, Pian Solo Improvisation


この演奏は埼玉県本庄市のKuest Bluesでピアノトリオのライブを行った際の、ピアノ即興ソロの動画である。個人的には心技体とも一致した(珍しい)ソロで気に入っている演奏の一つ。

"宇宙人が宇宙人を発見したような"コメントですが、この" One of us "にじーんと来た。地球の裏側に、このような即興の世界に共感を覚える人がいて、コメントを書き込んでもらえる、というのはまさにYouTubeの醍醐味と言える。

Yes, Viktor, agreed. Thankyou for 'discovering' this guy -I feel like you he is one of 'us'. I hope this fine musician feels the same.
Beautiful and lyrical playing. Harmonically and emotionally balanced. Cascading arpeggios echo onto the shores of the West from the East. A seamless and very well-structured improvised marraige of classical and jazz.
Very refreshing, life-enhancing and ultimately
very moving performance. All the better for having an audience:)

Date : 2008-05-24
Place: Kuest Blues, Honjo, Saitama, Japan
This is solo piano improvisations in Honjo "Kuest Blues".
It is difficult for me to perfome in public.
The repetition of groping for the next sound while reacting to the sound that came out by oneself.
There is the part which a part and the brain that a way works without permission control.
I all thought and do not catch up with it at all.
Because there were many visitors, I was worn out.

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