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そんな日に私のappleの師匠とも言うべき現media proの社長に雪草楽器で出会い、Macを勧められた。92年か93年頃か? 

だけど昔過ぎて記憶の彼方だ  確かOSは漢字Talk 7の時代であった 

それまでMS worksをNECのノートで使っていて、dBASE, 桐とデータベースを渡り歩き、Filemakerに巡り会ったのが94年。これが運命の出会いであった。 




現在のOS Xはとても完成度が高い。 



Steve Jobs  2011年10月05日 没

                                              2011年10月06日   Mixiの日記から転載 

 I was afflicted by the time (Windows did not exist) command prompt of the MS-DOS base till then. Only always OS going wrong, although ver.3 of Ichitaro was noted software. I met the president of Expression media pro who should also call it the teacher of my apple on such a day by the Yukigusa  musical instrument, and was able to recommend Mac. Is it around 1992  or 1993? As for LC475 impression of a pizza box, it is lovely to have touched Mac for the first time. It uses and is exciting. however, it passes a long time ago and is that direction of memory -- sure OS was a time of KT 7 duo230 is purchased immediately and it always began to use. The view over my PC throws in information rapidly by text-based one, and arranges it. 
 It is 1994 years which are using MS works for the note of NEC till then, wandered around dBASE, and KIRI and a database, and encountered Filemaker. This was encounter of fate. Since then, Mac-Filemaker has been wandered around the Mac of 14 centers. Consistent userinterface is easy-to-use. 
-- there is also loveliness and it was consistent, and the Mac which can be used for  filled inside with love, and came to it. My condition will also become amusing if PC becomes out of condition. 
It understands, also when mac is sometimes in a bad mood. The first day will pass at such time, and if it comforts, it will revive mostly. Unquestionable [ although this is not only the distinguished services of Jobs / the consistent concept to Mac / that "blood of the first Mac" is inherited continuously ]. 
Present OS X is very highly complete. The fundamental problem of the electronic medical record of F company is so scattering at a work place that userinterface which is not made from a user's position is amazed. Think that which many the quant jock shows [ anything ] in a table is good. 
It worries about the friction every day as a position which must introduce an electronic medical record. Although impressions were only written scatteringly, in short, there are what kind of needs for user, and what kind of computer is easy-to-use, or Jobs which an excessive thing does not attach and which completed such a consistent Mac is nothing less than genius. The palms are joined together to Jobs through which it ran. Strength drains away and it cannot write a text well. 

October 05, 2011 Steve jobs Died.                                                   From Mixi`s Diary  Oct 06,2011