The Lady is a Tramp , Hiroshi and K Note Jazz Project Jan.14, 2012

She gets too hungry for dinner at eight (I'm starving)
She loves the theater but she never comes late
I never bother with people that I hate
That's why this chick is a tramp (hahaha)

She doesn't like crap games with barons and earls
Won't go to Harlem in ermine and pearls
And I definitely won't dish our dirt with the rest of those girls (thank you!)
That's why the lady is a tramp!

This article is about the song from the musical Babes In Arms. For the TV series, see The Lady Is a Tramp (TV series). For the Spice Girls song, see Spiceworld (album).
"The Lady Is a Tramp" is a show tune from the 1937 Rodgers and Hart musical Babes in Arms in which it was introduced by former child star Mitzi Green. This song is a spoof of New York high society and its strict etiquette (the first line of the verse is significant: "I get too hungry for dinner at eight..."). It has become a popular standard.
Early recordings from 1937 include one by Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra, (featuring Edythe Wright on vocals), Midge Williams and Her Jazz Jesters, Sophie Tucker, and Bernie Cummins on the Vocalion records label. by Wikipedia

Jan 14. 2012
Takasaki K Note Jazz Place
K Note Jazz Project H Kohga(p) K Yamanaka (b) M Kamiyama(b)
Guest ; Hieoshi (vo)、T Koike (as)

『夜の豹』で 軽薄なプレイボーイ フランク・シナトラが

『Tramp』の意味には ガスガスあるく人や、放浪者 、売春婦なんていうのもあるようですが、この曲の作曲された1930年代の時代背景を考えると

平成24年1月14日  高崎/ケイノート
K Note Jazz Project 甲賀英明(p) 山中幸一(b)、神山昌美(d)
Guest 洋水(vo)、小池俊明(ts)

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