Color changes in a dazzling spectacle. Damaged Bösendorfer Restoration Concert August 2, 2014.

  This performance is an improvisation in the Damaged Bösendorfer restoration concert by which it was hit by the earthquake disaster held in the Takasaki-shi, Gumma synthesis welfare egg hole on August 2, 2014. I talked with this piano for the first time in three years.
 One after another, color scenery changes only to it being dazzling, and goes as the piano is speaking something. Although the piano had entitled an unstable sound at first, gradually, the dazzling world of rich color is drawn talkatively, and it goes.
 Usually, improvisation comes out only in the range of the technology which self has, and the music which self experienced. If self-analysis of this performance is conducted, a destination exists two to three times to one code. So to speak, it is " chord play" improvisation. A key's converging one on D and another are becoming a triple measure unawares, even if it begins by quadruple measure. This is not conscious of this during a performance.



2014 年8月2日 被災ピアノ復活コンサート 群馬県高崎市総合福祉会館 たまごホール
演奏 : H. Kohga.

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