Improvisatorial Conversation for 14 minutes with Bechstein Full Concert Grand

Eyes, an ear, and a finger carry out shortcut when I am improvising, and I do not consider at all. Is it made into Bechstein whether for me to use a Bösendorfer conversation with Bechstein for 14 minutes, it was wavering.
 However, I listened to the performance of a rich feeling of color of Debussy of Mr. E of the 3 public, and chose Bechstein.
Although it was slightly redundant, it unites with a piano and I fall into a cartridge or the feeling carried out. A fingertip reacts to Bechstein's bright tone and sound is spelled in the state where the head is almost empty. It seems that the old woman of past these 90 years old likes "an easy bright color." This improvisation became contrastive [ the sport-combative system improvisatorial with another Bösendorferr which I flipped ] these two weeks ago.
If a piano changes, improvisatorial will change 180 degrees.
Schedule performance time was exceeded for 2 minutes.
July 27, 2014 The 17th Kamitsuke concert The Maebashi dream studio

2014 年7月27日 第17回 上州音楽会 前橋 夢スタジオ
即興 14分間のベヒシュタインとの会話 
演奏 : 甲賀英明

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