I've Never Been in Love Before, Jazz Piano Trio

"I've Never Been in Love Before" is a song written by Frank Loesser, published in 1950.
The song is a duet from the 1950 musicalGuys and Dolls, and is sung by the characters Sky Masterson and Sister Sarah Brown. In the play it immediately follows the short solo song "My Time of Day", sung by Sky. Both songs were omitted from the 1955 film adaptation of the musical, and replaced by the duet "A Woman in Love".
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I've never been in love before, now all at once it's you, it's you forevermore.
I've never been in love before, I thought my heart was safe, I thought I knew the score.
But this is wine that's all too strange and strong, I'm full of foolish songs.
And out my song must pour, so please forgive this helpless haze I'm in,
I've really never been in love before.

2012年8月12日 高崎くいものや亮  甲賀英明(p)、坂井康良(b)、伊藤輝勇(d)
動画映像 : FujiFilum X10 1930×1080 mode
音声 :  Roland R-26 Digital Audio Recorder
音声処理 :  Sound Studio .  Equalizer, Reverve
画像編集 :  Final Cut Pro X

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