Confirmation, Battle of two alto saxophones

 Bird and Dizzy Gillespie recorded several sessions in California between January 1945 and February 1946. Gillespie is sometimes credited as co-composer, but in Charlie Parker: His Music and Life author Carl Woideck says that in a 1949 article Parker accused Gillespie’s managers of tacking his name onto Parker compositions such as “Confirmation.” Dizzy’s California band recorded “Confirmation” in February 1946 but without Parker who failed to show up for the session.
 “The first released version of ‘Confirmation’ was taken from a broadcast of a 1947 Carnegie Hall performance that featured Parker and Dizzy Gillespie,” according to the liner notes by Richard Seidel for Parker’s Now’s the Time, his only studio recording of “Confirmation,” recorded on August 4, 1953, with Al Haig on piano, Percy Heath on bass, and Max Roach on drums.
JazzStandard.com   http://www.jazzstandards.com/compositions-2/confirmation.htm

毎月第二土曜日、高崎のケイノートで私のトリオにフロント奏者のゲストを招いてのライブセッションを行っている。 http://choro2648.blogspot.jp/2011/11/k-note-jazz-project-introduction-and.html 2013年の5月で通算100回になる。時にはプロの奏者を呼び、時には学生さんからピックアップしている。個人的にはカルテットのスタイルでフロントを背中からくすぐるのが楽しい。

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