500 Miles High, Augusta Jazz Funk Band

Someday you'll look in to her eyes, then there'll be no good-byes,
and yesterday will have gone and you'll find yourself in another space 
five hundred miles high 
You'll see, just one look and you'll know, she's so tender and warm. 
You'll recognize this is love. You'll find yourself on another plane 
five hundred miles high. 
Be sure that your love stays so free, then it never can die. 
Just realize this is truth, and above the skies your will always stay 
five jundred miles high.

500 Miles HighというのはChick Coreaのオリジナルでは歌詞は上記。500マイル上空の"愛”のストーリーらしいのだが、空気がないのでは?

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