Have You Met Miss Jones ? Jazz Piano Lesson Duo

How to take Jazz Piano Lessons?
 I have had many sessions and carriage with fellow band ever had own way.
Where I also live in regional cities, there is no opportunity to hear professionals play a lot like Tokyo. The problem with living in a ruralweekend musician.
 I started learning jazz pianist Mr. Shigeo Fukuda in Tokyo that he and inspire home-grown one from 2006. When I was 49 years oldThis video lesson is the lesson . But only those playing the pianoduoacutely aware of the importance of creating an image of good performance

 This video lesson is the landscape. But only those playing the piano duo, have been keenly aware of the importance of making an image ofa good performanceI am grateful to the teacher for the piano that was well past  50 yearsI Played using YAMAHA Grand Piano and my teacher, using Fender Rhodes electric piano
  Movie : FUJIFILM FINEPIX F11   Sound : Rolland R-09 digital audio recorder.  Edited by Mac, iMovie HD 6.0.4    Place : Clavier Music instrument, Maebashi.

" Have You Met Miss Jones ? "  Jazz Piano Lesson Duo with my teacher    Dec 30, 2008 

私はヤマハのグランドピアノ、師匠はFender Rhodes Pianoを弾いている。
動画はFujifilum Finepixのお気楽動画モード、音声はRoland R-09 digital Recorderを使用。
動画と音声をApple iMovie上で合成している。場所は移転前のクラビア楽器(前橋)

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